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Kyusho Study Groups

There are different Kyusho Study Sessions available. You can chose from Novice, Advanced and even Master Levels. If you are looking to study Kyusho Jitsu for the pursuit of rank you can do so via Kyusho Jitsu Online Study Groups. Below is a breakdown of the different level available.

Novice Kyusho Study

A Novice Kyusho Study Group is typically broken down into 12 month sessions of 2.5 hours over a year. This is how most approach the study. In some cases it is done 2 time per month for 6 months. The average study group is 6 to 14 students. There is a final exam after all materials are cover, a written exam and a practical exam.

Requirements of Students

  • Must be 14 years of age or old
  • At lease one year of training is suggested so the student has a solid foundation in their root art
  • Students should purchase a copy of the Novice Kyusho Jitsu Workbook from our website and have it printed with them in class.
  • A good notebook is best over a laptop or phone as retention is better.
  • Students should be in uniform or some clothing allowing for physical practice during the session.

School Owners:

  • I suggest charging the students between $60-$75 per session. This is what I change per student in Dojo. my fee is flat for the time, so the more people the more potential you have for making some money doing this.
  • It is best to lay out a schedule for your students one year ahead. They must attend 10 of 12 sessions to be eligible to grade.
  • You need a PC or Laptop with Skype and an Internet Connection. If you can hook a larger monitor to the system even better.
  • You must give me 73 hours notice of cancellation of a session.

My Fees:

  • I charge $300 for the 2.5 hour session for $150 per hour otherwise. This fee is flat, however if you need a longer session, as for a seminar we can talk.
  • All fees must be paid in advanced, however you are only obligated for the current session. There is no contract, therefore you may do one session or as many as you like up to master level.
  • After the 1st session which is paid via this website you will be invoice one week before your next session.
  • Private session are available at a minimum of 30 minutes at $75 per half hour.

Advanced Kyusho Study Groups

Advanced Kyusho Study Groups have the same Fee structure, are the same length per class, but there is 9 session or 18 months of classes attended to be eligible to grade. Fees are the same as for novice.

If you are ready to make a payment / deposit for your first session click the link below.

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